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Reclaim & Recover

Reclaim & Recover is my mantra. My passion is walking alongside those who have experienced trauma on their journey to RECLAIM their sense of value and RECOVER a strong personal identity.

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I specialize in working with young adults that are working to overcome the impact of childhood trauma on their adult lives, empowering clients to access their internal strengths and gain the confidence to create the life they desire. As a public speaker I aim to provide inspiration and education, seeking to bring people together to move from shame into wholeness, reclaiming their sense of value and recovering a healthy personal identity.

 If you're looking to begin your personal healing journey, let's  start the conversation about moving from hurt into wholeness. 


My Clients

My clients are seeking relief from anxiety, depression, the overwhelm of life transitions, low self-esteem, codependency, and relationship issues. 


They are often high achieving and driven but feeling stuck.  They are struggling with thought and behavior patterns that they recognize are not serving them but feel unable to break the cycle. 


They are at a place where they are ready to do the work to gaining insight into themselves and confront the deep wounds they have long been pushing aside. 

They are ready to begin the journey of taking back ownership of their lives and building a joyful, hopeful and purpose filled life for themselves

Treatment Appraoch

I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to share their stories while challenging them to acknowledge their value, strengths and personal power.

My goal is to help clients reconnect to their core Self and access their internal capacity for self-healing while cultivating self-compassion and resilience.  I help clients gain insight in the relationship between past experiences and current thought and behavior patterns and gain the skills needed to make healthy changes.


I use a creative approach to treatment, working hard to identify the unique combination of methods and tools that will resonate with each client and help them have those oh so important breakthrough moments. 

Let's Talk

Get in touch so we can start your journey together.

Thanks for reaching out!

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